Monday, December 29, 2008

Penang Makan

Something you crack your head trying to think where to go for vacation around Malaysia, which places you haven't been too and what new places could actually attract your attention. At the end, we think we should do a Makan trip instead. To where? Penang of course, and stop by Ipoh on the way.

Although Penang is a food heaven, but not every places or food courts are supposed to be nice, so I do my homework (with my own Malaysia Most Wanted Food) and come out with the following list.
  1. Kek Seng @ Penang Road, my mom wanted to visit Kek Seng as it is her old time favourite 20 years ago (as she miss it during the last trip) with many small stalls by the small alley. Sad to say, this place had lost it previous glory and not what it used to be. The food is not good.
  2. Teo Chew Cendol @ Penang Road, this is the most famous cendol road side stall in Penang, and you get delicious Cendol for just RM 1.60, definitely a very good deal.
  3. Joo Hooi Cafe @ Penang Road, is just beside Teo Chew Cendol which serve good Laksa. The Friend Keow Teow looks good, but I didn't try it. You are not allowed to bring in the Teo Chew Cendol from outside, else they will charge you RM 0.50.
  4. Ah Leng FKT @ Jalan Dato Keramat, within Kafe Khoon Hiang serves delicious Fried Keow Teow with 3 big prawns for RM 4.50.
  5. Him Hiang Biscuit @ Burma Road, a good places to buy goodies of Biscuit (Tau Sah Piah and Heong Peng) for your friends and families.
  6. Nasi Kandar Line Clear @ Penang Road, serves authentic Indian Nasi Kandar in the back Alley, and pretty good Roti Pisang too.
  7. Pasar Air Itam, famous for its good food and very near Kek Lok Si, but my mom said the Laksa in Joo Hooi is better.
  8. Paya Terubong Seafood, the place is crowded and they ran out of crab and sotong when we arrive at 9pm. The seafood is not bad.
Of course, I didn't manage to conver a few promising places for various reasons, such as Anba Coconut, Batu Lancang Foodcourt, Curry Mee Sisters, Edelweiss Swiss Cafe, Kheng Pin Cafe, Teluk Kumbar Seafood and Transfer Road Roti Canai.

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Shirl said...

Guess what, I just got back from Penang too! Haha... you should also try the grilled prawn and crabs at Tanjong Tokong and recently we discovered Mee Sotong near the Jetty! Yummy...

Jessen said...

My last trip to Penang was a total disaster. Y? Because we don't know where to find those nice food. I've bookmarked this page, I'll refer back if I'm going Penang in future :)