Monday, January 26, 2009

TED Review: 10 things to know before you pitch a VC for money

10 things to know before you pitch a VC for money by David S. Rose. I am not sure whether there are 10 things, but there are a few useful hints to bring things into perspective, others are just the basics.

What is the single most important thing VC invests in?
Most of us thought it is the idea, but we know idea is cheap (many people could come up with the same idea) without execution. What execute the idea? PEOPLE. Basically VC looks for people with
  • Integrity
  • Passion – if are you not passionate with what you do, why should people put money in it.
  • Experience - I have done it before.
  • Knowledge – Domain expertise
  • Skill – Technical, Marketing, etc.
  • Leadership – Charisma, Management, etc.
  • Commitment – I’ll be here until the end.
  • Vision – see where this going is.
  • Realism
  • Coachable – ability to listen.
How to convey these without conveying?
Basically grab their attention in the first few minutes, bring them to higher and higher emotional high and make them write a cheque to you before you leave.

How to do a Presentation?
Positive Things to Do
  • We need a logical progression, what to do, how to do and etc.
  • Tell me things I know or understand, something I can relate to.
  • Validators: Something or Someone saying this is good, such as statistic, real-life example, etc.
Negative Things not to do
  • Things I know are not true
  • Things I don't understand
  • Things that made me think
  • Internal Inconsistencies
  • Typos / Errors / Unpreparedness
PowerPoint Tips
  • Good: Short bullet points
  • Better: Just the headline
  • Best: Only Images
What to put in PowerPoint?
Company Logo, Business, Overview, Management Team, Market, Product, Business Model, Strategic Relationship, Competition, Barriers to Entry, Financial Overview, Use of Proceeds, Capital & Valuation

Presentation Tips
  • Use Presenter Mode
  • Remote Control
  • Hand-out More Info
  • Don't read your speech
  • Never look at screen

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