Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The 90 minutes SACRED block

I started with a goal, and I need method to achieve my goal. I am sure that I need to be hardworking, so how am I supposed to be hardworking besides psyching my mind?

I remember a small trick which I read sometimes ago on how to keep people focus and avoid procrastination. Basically we need a dedicated block of time (90 minutes of ideal) where we shall not be interrupted. We focus and concentrate on the work or task we are supposed to do, as we shall achieve optimum productivity within this 90 minutes flow. It might take 5-15 minutes to warm up and enter the flow, so if we got disrupted or distracted, then we have to restart again. We take a small break (15-30 minutes) after the 90 minutes working block, and we can do anything besides work.

This 90 minutes block is SACRED:
  • The concentration flow shall not be disrupted
  • Do nothing else but the work I am supposed to do
Normal people work 40 hours per week, with 5 working days that is 8 hours a day. We all know they don’t really work 8 full hours per day due to procrastination, disturbance, wastage and slacking. My target to hit 9 hours of productivity per day, so that is 6 block of 90 minutes per day (9 hours).

Usually people work from 9-5, but that doesn't quite work for me at this stage. I wake up late and work until late at night. People had told me that this might not be a very good habit, but this work best for me at this moment. So let’s try a bit of more unconventional timetable.

Let’s give this a spin for 1 week and let’s see what happens. I am not very optimistic about timetable as I fail to follow them most of the time. In the end, I suspect I need something more flexible with structure and productivity metrics still intact.

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