Sunday, January 04, 2009

My Life of 2008

The good thing about personal blog is that I am able to keep track of what I had done through out the year, that is given that I took the time and effort to write it down. Though most of the time it is best not to look back but just move forward, and sometimes I just want to look back to know what I had done (and had not).

Another year of self-employment. After parting away with my business partners I focus on my software freelancing business and revival of

Still trying to get adjusted with my new life, with whining and self pep-talk to keep me going.

Nothing much happens I guess. More work and less talk.

Travel to Hong Kong & Macau with family and Mei Ru (her parents decided not to go last minute). Trek Gunung Liang, the mountains with the most continuous steep ascending (and descending on the next day).

More on life and software development, and the wonderful Yong Belar trip.

Visited Singapore Toy and Comic Convention, Dance Exams, Getting a Garmin eTrex Vista HCx GPS, and more about life and funding.

Trying to learn Robot Building, and about life.

Interesting read on Morrie, Reviews of Laws, and whining about software business in Malaysia.

The exceptional Gunung Benom expedition, review on XNA and Google Ad Manager.

Doing the best adventure so far in my life with tour of Annapurna Circuit.

PHP and Alchemist.

Stop Dancing, Go Penang Makan with Family and trying the gage the state of Malaysian Web.

Time does flies and I always wonder what I had done for the last 365 days. It seems busy, yet not sure for whatever reasons and purpose. I think it’s a good and satisfying year, with room for improvement :)

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