Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Change is Definite, is how we Cope with it

Nowadays with so many things happening and so many thought popup, I only write about things if they popup in my mind more than once, or if they “screwed up” my mind a lot.

Talking a phases in life, things are really changing especially in terms of career and my girlfriend’s career. Last time I used to thinking of joining a consulting firm and travel around the world for various overseas projects. Now I don’t get to do that, because I am starting my own business without International networks. Besides, my attitude, mentality, lifestyle and portfolio had been drifting away the employment world quite a bit, which I find it hard to get back. Basically, perhaps I had already burnt my bridge to go back.

There is another thing which bothers me. Now my girlfriend gets to do what I used to dream of, working on overseas projects. If the current trend continues, it is probable that she won’t be around very often, thus left me “alone” most of the time. Basically she is progressing well in her career, which has some side-effect on our relationship which I need to learn to cope with. If I am still in employment and climbing corporate ladder, then probably both of us would be equally busy and have even less time for each other. What really bothers me is the idea that she is busy running around, while I am sitting at home waiting for her free time. What should I do to make myself feel more “occupied”?

She would probably have less time for our usual social event like dancing, hiking, travel and etc, and probably I have to spend many weekends alone. I end up with more time in hand, which I should think of what I should do in the long run to cope with this. With the current worrisome state of Malaysia’s Economy (and low Ringgit value) and Politic, one might think it is probably be smart to venture oversea to earn from stronger currency: Singapore, Hong Kong or China. I am not quite sure how can I venture oversea, besides finding a job in Singapore, perhaps as a Software Architect or so. But my “departure” from employment for the past few years gives me the anxiety. Looking through the long list of job available in JobStreet, I am not sure what to pick on. Freelancing in Singapore? I have no idea where to start from without contacts and customer base.

Malaysia Most Wanted is progressing well lately, and I am practically earning US Dollar (though weakening, but still better than RM). I should continue to work on it, and I don’t get to go anywhere (it is an ironic turn-off). Perhaps there is an inner desire in me to work oversea. Perhaps to bring MMW to global level, but I can do that as well from my computer in Malaysia :|

Now I feel trapped in Malaysia with more free time in hand to burn. I thought it is nice for my work to have more time for our activities together, but things won’t be the same forever. Perhaps it doesn’t really matter where I am. Perhaps I should work on comics or robotics. Perhaps I should worry less about career and do more with what I can. Change is the only definite thing now, and I need to learn to cope with it. I think it would be equally bad if both of us didn't progress.

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