Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sungai Sendat @ Ulu Yam GPS Coordiate

Kean Hwa organised a Ulu Yam, Sungai Sendat simple camping trip, while trying to join the fun of a 4WD event held there. It's not really trekking, as we basicallly parked next to the waterfall.

It is a bit "not used" to it as walking is not involved, and camping at such a "civilised" place with many people walking around (usually we enjoyed peace and quiet up in the mountain). We have a nice and comfortable shelter, thus there is no need to setup a camp and get ourselves dirty. But it turned out pretty alright. The water is pretty clean and the stream is fun, especially if you walk about 200m further in.

We saw a lot of 4WD vechiles parked there for display, but didn't managed to see any in action. There is a mobile KFC truck, and there is a midnight party with performance and beer (though not free). Feel a bit old with the party atmosphere (nearing 30 perhaps).

Photo Links: Mei Ru's Multiply, Kean Hwa's Multiple

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