Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lanchang Deerland Park and Kuala Gendah Elephant Sanctuary GPS Coordinate

Visited Deerland Park at Lanchang, Pahang with the children from The Skill Academy. The park is very small yet interesting, as it allows you to feed the animals at close encounters. The deer basically swarm and surround you to get food from your hand. There are a few black sunny bears which are very cute and will lick your hand for food and milk, and very playful as well. The encounter with the ostrich is slight intimidating, as they peck pack the leaves from the branches your are holding. And there is this small and little creature which looks like a squirrel with small eye, but are not. There are monkeys, chickens and porcupine.

We have some bamboo rice and fresh fish for lunch near a river, and simple games like fishing the bottle, coconut bowling and orang asli blow pipe for the children. The flying fox without harness is deemed too dangerous for the children, thus only me and Roslan get to try it.

We drop by the Kuala Gendah Elephant Sanctuary, which are swarmed with tourist (Westerner and Senior Citizen mostly). Perhaps is due to the large amount of crowed and worry for stress for the animal, the length and distance for the elephant walk around and elephant bathing is significantly shorten (it would sounds like a rip-off). I do pity those elephants having to service so many tourist, perhaps is a bad idea to make elephant sanctuary into tourism (or a better quota system per day should be implemented). We were late there and given a red tag, which disallowed us to ride or bath with the elephants.

This is a very simple free and easy half day trip, nothing too adventurous.

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