Monday, July 07, 2008


It’s time to catch-up with the movie season, and the 1st catch is Wanted. I thought that it would be a fun movie to watch: with super cool bullet-curving, killer babe and lots of gun play action just to be admired.

Generally, it’s still fun to watch, but I have a few complaints.

I don’t mind ridiculous bullet-curving (even one that can make a full circle) and super-human adrenaline-pumped movement, or even sniping from miles away at the comfort of a home with his favorite chair. But to let a weaving machine to decide which baddies to be killed is just a bit too much, and to decipher them as binary (what if you get non alphanumeric characters, and how about people who share the same name)? It just takes the coolness off the movie. BTW, for animal lovers, a lot of rodents are blown away as Kamikaze bombers. And for children, people don’t get cut or shot at and be cured within a day in a pool of wax, so don’t try this on your siblings.

Looking at the initial setting of a office full with cubicles where most of us make our daily living, and to take on the daily dosage of shit just like any other ordinary people. It’s just like the office where Mr. Anderson of The Matrix work at, portrayed as monotonous, boring and ordinary (like a worker ant in a colony of thousands). I am quite sure most of us are in the cubicle and ordinary. So, do you want to be extra-ordinary? Become Wesley the Assassin or Neo the Chosen One? Is the cubicle good enough for you, or a bigger room suffice, or something out of it?

And another Question: What if you found out that you have 3 million dollar in your bank account on Sunday night? Will you still go to work on Monday morning? If not, what are the better things to do? Without the burden of making a living and actually given a passport for freedom, what will we actually do? Do we enjoy the process of achieving freedom, or do we enjoy the fruit without the labor? What will we actually do with the money and freedom? Travel and Charity, anything else?

I am not sure did I lack imagination or what, I can’t really think of one thing which I needed to do so badly. It’s like I had blended into my normal life so much, that I am not sure what to do if I go out of the norm. Perhaps this is not a scenario to be imagined. And perhaps nothing good ever happens to lottery winner. It's a journey to be taken.

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