Friday, July 11, 2008

ZeroByte and Totoro meet in Google Lively Virtual World

Google Lively is a lightweight virtual world (launch from browser), with small rooms meant for chatting and some social interaction (dance, body slam – WWF style, choke - Darth Vader Style, hug, kiss, etc).

This thing is still in Beta and quite buggy.
  • The plug-in download is pretty big and slow (about 10 minutes)
  • Login will probably fail the first time (can see the room, but cannot do anything). Remember to sign into your Google Account at the web page (before the room loads), I think it would help. You should see a chat box and some tool bar on the right.
  • The full room loads very slow (between 10-20 minutes) to be fully loaded, but luckily it’s progressive. You will see some shadow frame while the room is loading, and the more features shall be loaded as the room become fully loaded.
  • There is no quick short cut for a private chat. The room filled up quickly with chat bubbles if everyone starts shouting.
Anyway, the experience is still pretty interesting, though far from perfect. The room is small with nice theme and design (like Ewoks, Tree Top, Island, Dragon Tower, etc), though lack of items for interactions. You could change your avatar (male, female, animal), hairstyle, cloth, pant, shoe, etc (though not many choices available yet). Of cause, the highlight would be the social interaction (can you stop a gay/lesbian kissing you?) and object interaction (spin a windmill, sit on chair, etc).

ZeroByte and Totoro meet for the first time at I Hate Ewoks. Too bad there are no little bears running around :)

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meiru said...

Don't body slam me ar!!!