Sunday, June 29, 2008

Singapore Toy and Comic Convention 2008

Finally got a chance to visit athe Toy and Comic Convention in Singapore; It has always been a childhood thing, to be fascinated with toys and comics. Not sure it’s a dream fulfilled or not, but I felt that it is really an event which I should really visit; and it’s worth it :) Some people say, "Har! So big already still play toy and read comic ar!?". Are we really that far away from toy and comic?

I am a Happy Boy :)

May the Force e with you, muahahaha!

The event is dominated by free Wii games at the front, with the Guns, Guitar and Fit devices. I wonder why XBOX and PS3 didn’t show up. The right wing is full with independent and smaller studio and artistes with some pretty interesting art and creation. The event had a good balance of US/Europe, Japanese and Singapore art and comic influence. We have quite a lot of star wars (Jedi, Bounty Hunters, Storm Troopers) characters walking around, some trekkies (with a Klingon), an Ultraman and some other not very well known characters. Too bad no Manga or Anime babe around, but did have some very nice Japanese dolls.

Drunken Homer Simpsons with Thor outfit

Modern Art Figurine

Trekkies at Work

I think the target audience nowadays is really teenagers and young adults, not really children. The place is full with modern comic and art, with new and cute but simple characters spawning everywhere. Too bad I barely recognized any of them, nor know any of their names. These figurines are really nice, but I didn’t feel any personal attachment to it (didn’t know their background nor name); thus didn’t buy anything. In fact, I pretty much lose track with the comic world now; too far away from the industry as a fan.

Japanese Figurine with Movable Body Parts

Cool Babe Warrior

The most interesting game is a one dollar per pop block stacking game, where one of the major prizes is a PSP, so easy yet so far away. I felt that these artistes are really talented people; able to create their line of comic or figurine, and making their passion into their work is really a god thing. Now is not just about just drawing comic with interesting story, but also lovable family of figurines.


Jess said...

Looks like a nice toy and comic convention. Lots of things to check out and play with hor?

d_luaz said...

Yes, it's nice.

Only playable things are the Wii, the the array of fugurines and arts are pretty impressive.

meiru said...

Too bad couldn't win the PSP hahha..