Monday, June 09, 2008

Project Petaling Street (PPS) Hacked?

I notice PPS stop updating its list of latest blog posts since June 08 10:38 PM (now is June 09 12:04 PM). Then I though maybe there is some technical hiccups, perhaps database issue or errorness php script due to upgrade.

Once in a while, I was shown a different frontpage titled "petaling street sean paul elton at". Hmm, did the owner forgot to pay his annual domain name renewal?

A quick check at whois show the ownership is still intact. But the expiration date is 09 Jun 2008, and that is pretty darn close (open opportunity for domain name hijack). Another quick check at GoDaddy shown otherwise (Last Updated On:09-Jun-2008 03:46:19 UTC, Expiration Date:09-Jun-2009 04:46:12 UTC). Perhaps it is really a last minute domain name renewal, phew!

PPS could had been hacked (unlikely I think), or it could be just another technical glitch (last minute domain renewal?).


Mun said...

I believe that it is a last minute domain renewal...

Kamigoroshi said...

No. Aiz forgot to renew the domain. I sent him an email and everything's dandy now.