Monday, June 16, 2008

Living My Life

I know we have to deal with all kind of shit everyday: useless boss, picky customer and painful people to deal with. But life still goes on, should be in a way which we are most satisfied with.

Why not I work my ass of for this ten years in a job which I totally dislike but pay very well, so that I can do whatever I want in the next ten years? Sound familiar? I think Warren Buffer commented on this, “Is like saving up sex for old age, and it isn’t a very good idea.”

Can we live current life in a happy way while still be able to make a living, either more or less. How many people are you willing to hurt in order to earn a few extra bucks, including yourself? Why can’t we say, “Tomorrow, I am gonna chase after my dream! To infinity and beyond!”. Then we have, “No la, I need the money to buy milk for my babies, to take care of my family, to pay for my cars, etc”. So our plan is put on hold forever until … forever. I guess its okay, as long as our happy or satisfied with it. Do you have a hidden urge for some kind of achievement, or to do something, no matter big or small?

I am trying to live a good life everyday, and I will make tomorrow even better! I guess there is no other way besides promising not to torture myself and people around me. I am lucky in the sense that I don’t have much burden around me, thus I am able to take life slightly more freely compared to other. But it is a decision I had made not without sacrifice and struggle, and there is no guarantee of a better tomorrow besides my belief. I guess we have to be good (not to do evil), and try to make as many people happy and as many things better. It is supposed to be an ideal, and definitely not perfect.

What is my purpose in life? I really have no idea besides going through it in the best possible ways. But that is only me, for now.

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Charles said...

You should read "The Purpose Driven Life" then, by Rick Warren,:).