Sunday, June 01, 2008

About Dream: Drawing Comic

Just remembering that we should not give up our dream, and I just wonder how many dreams do I really have.

When I was young, I think I wanted to be a police, army or even astronaut, but I didn’t quite feel the urge to be those now. I do enjoy comic, and sometimes I try to draw them, but the problem is I was never quite good at them. No matter what, I still feel like drawing comic.

Recently I felt to urge to take this dream more seriously, perhaps to start something. I thought, oh god, another project? I had my hands full already. Anyway, I just can’t stop thinking about it, as it’s still fresh and hot. So, might as well do something about it and see what happens (rather than kill it before anything could happen).

So, what kind I comic should I draw?

I was thinking something like Dilbert, simple (something I could manage) but funny, and to portray truth in a sarcastic ways. I like Rose is Rose (it’s weird angle and explosion of imagination), Adam@Home(SOHO imagination), Calvin and Hobbes (child's imagination) perhaps something along this line.

I was very much influenced by Hong Kong comic all the years. Though they graphics are great, but their story lack depth and continuity. Perhaps lacking of imagination and surprises, too stereotype.

I like Japanese Manga or Anime very much, due to their explosion of creativity. I don’t really have any particular favorite, but I like their creativity and depth, and humor as well.

I never quite like American comic book, like Spiderman, Superman, Batman, or even Witch Blade or Hellboy, they just seemed too rough and lack some connection with me while reading it. I didn’t felt hooked or beginning to imagine things.

Again, kind I comic should I draw?

The art must be simple, as my drawing skill is very limited. I cannot do long story, as it required lots of creativity and imagination, so probably I’ll do a 3-6 frame comic strip.

What is it going to be about? After some careful thought, I guess it’s going to be about me and people around me. It’s hard for me to imagine something which I am not, or have no experience of. Probably will draw about software industry, mountain hiking, about ideal & thoughts, about human relationship, or perhaps mostly about what I usually blog about. Sometimes I do feel it’s difficult to draw what I blog about in a comical way, haha.

I like magical and fantasy as well, but that required a more elaborate illustration which I am not capable of. Perhaps some element here and there :)

1st step, need to create a few main characters :)

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Alvin Lim said...

try to draw something w/o referring to other comics? have ur own style. it'll be easier. :D