Monday, June 23, 2008

The things with Super GT Girls and SLR Men

Source: MyCen

I never been to a Super GT event before, but I won’t expect anything less of the following:
  • We have a lot of men walking around with their big gun (SLR camera, the bigger the more macho) shooting pretty Japanese young girls with skimpy clothing and handy umbrella (for protection, from the Sun). Some hunt in packs, while some prefer to work alone.
  • Most hunters will ask the girls to pose for them, where success is almost guaranteed with these friendly chic. Some gutsy hunters might try to ask for dates, but even guts do not stop a lemon to be pushed down your throats. Some might pick up a few Japanese words or even go for classes so that they can impress these foreign beauty queens, or ask them out for a date.
  • For those with a blog, you are most willing to share it with all other men in this world :) And you don’t see picture of any cars.
I wonder anyone is making any complilation video of GT girls? Maybe I should do it next time, and tag along with the hunting party :)

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Neo said...

Haha... I have just posted another article on Super GT race queens. :)

Superman said...

Nowadays should be GT Girls and DSLR Men. Yes, you should do the compilation video of the sexy GT girls, cause I will be back for watching it lol! I wonder what's the success rate of asking them our for a date.

d_luaz said...

Har, too bad I was not there bro.
Next time I need to tag along with some shy-less SLR/DSLR guy and shoot video while the girls pose :)

Neo said...

Wow, you are more TERROR ler, wanna shoot video!