Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ballroom and Paso Dance Exam

Ah, dancing. Didn’t quite blog about it for a long time, though I had continuously dancing for almost 3 years perhaps? I had lost count. It’s strange that dancing is not really my hobby or passion, but it is nevertheless fun to do. It’s it is really good to have such weekly activities, I guess I benefit a lot subconsciously. Get to have time to hang out with friends once in a while, have some exercise, learn to accommodate different partners and try to relax and have fun. I guess dancing is good for the soul.

My Ballroom Partner, Mui Yen

Just hard my third exam this year, not for Latin but for my new venture into Ballroom Dancing (Waltz, Quick Step) and Paso (Bull Dancing). This year Mei Ru got pretty engaged with her new job, thus she won’t be joining me for the exam. My partner for Ballroom is Mui Yen and partner for Paso is Jane. I guess the exam when pretty well, except for a few minor mistakes I did. I guess I wasn’t too cautious with top mental alert, thus I let myself go. Anyway it’s over, and I probably shouldn’t take differentiation of a few points too seriously.

Old Dancing Buddies: Jenny, Lai, Tang and Jeremy (Michelle and Li Mun no longer the the picture, and not to forget Derick and GF)

Dancing is supposed to be fun and relaxing for me, and the purpose for me in taking exam is so that I could do it slightly better while correcting my mistakes. But sometimes we are indeed affected by social pressure and slight competitiveness, just a bit. There is a high chance I won’t be taking dance exam the next year, and I am not sure if I would continue it until next year. The workload is getting greater and the Studio is really quite far for me (and rising fuel price). Let’s see how it goes.

Dancing is still fun, and I never regretted doing so. I just hope I still know how to dance 10 years down the road.

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