Sunday, January 04, 2009


It’s the time of the year where I ponder what I had done for the last year, and what I will do for the next year, and checking on Feng Shui and Bazi.

Just remembered I didn’t have any target in place for 2008, but just things I decide to focus on such as Financial Independence, Fun and Balance of Life.

I still think this is a pretty good idea, though it lacks a certain sense of accomplishment (due to the lack of target), but at least we would have a feel if we are going the right direction. It’s like a vision, rather than objectives.

I dedicate 2009 to the following:
  1. Financial Independence. Money is not everything, yet it is the foundation of happiness to support our life and dreams, and we are spending an awful lot of time in our lifetime to do this. There is nothing wrong with working, but just sure I am working on the right thing with the right purpose. In 2008 I finally found something I really like to work on, and I have to turn this hobby into a cash cow (just be practical). To give it a realistic yet not so easy kick, I am targeting USD 600 for passive income for 2009.
  2. Fulfilled Life. Most of the time we need to work, yet we need to spend time to fulfill our dreams and desires, and to take care of the needs of our dearest. Perhaps a few simple trips and hiking, and hopefully will be able to go for a bigger trip (maybe free and easy Taiwan for 2 weeks, or some place in China for adventure). Perhaps it’s time learn swimming and pick up another hobby, perhaps guitar or cycling. Spend time with family for makan and morning walk, and spend time with girlfriend for pak tor.
  3. New Life. If I am looking for the perfect time, I guess I’ll never know until it’s too late. I guess 2009 would be nice to give it a kick-start, get a new home and start a whole new page in my life.

Ox of 2009 seems to be a difficult time ahead, with bad Feng Shui and the financial crisis. Like the old Chinese saying, with danger came opportunity. A new year should be a new hope and new challenges with new accomplishment.

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