Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Desire for Spontaneous Adventure and the Need for a Systematic Living

I was watching Mamma Mia! and it show the beauty of Greece and the spontaneous adventure they used to have in their life, I wanted that. I like to watch Global Trekker because I wanted to travel and experience a different kind of culture, something out of where I am now.

I thought everyone would like to travel, and why not since it is fun and wonderful? Only 50% of us like to travel, and maybe 30% would like to get nearer to nature and probably 10% would endure travel without luxury or convenience. Just like I though everyone would like to be entrepreneur, and it turns out only 10% of us would like to be one.

Anyway I need something more than a vacation of 4D3N, more than a vacation once every year and something more than a vacation. I want to travel, and I want an adventure. I want to go to an island or mountain or villages, someplace wonderful with lots of green and friendly people and apple on the trees. I need to hear the sound of sea or gentle streams, to feel the wind and gentle sun shine and to sit on wood and rocks. I could walk and walk and walk, and the scenery and feeling would just get better. I want to stay at different places for months, taste different kind of food, see different season and trees, and talk to different people in different language. I want to have on lunch on the roof top with mountains of apple trees on my left, the great ocean on my right, the tall mountains on my back and the beautiful village in front of me. I want a sense of freedom with nature.

I found swimming to be quite difficult for me, and I felt the same when I learn roller-blade and cycling. The ability to move freely in the water without fear seems to have a sense freedom; is like riding endlessly on endless open field. So I need to learn swimming to complement my dream journey.

I desire a Spontaneous Adventure, where I wake up one day and pack my bags and go. Or maybe something not too spontaneous, where I still packs my bags and go. The other part of my brain asks me to work hard, buy a house and built a solid career, business or future; else I could rot on the street without a place to sleep. So I put my desire aside and do my work to build my future.

Is there anything wrong with this? Almost everyone is working for a living, isn’t it? How could we sustain a living without working? A farmer need to work the farm, a writer still need to write, a singer still need to entertain and a banker still need to negotiate. Even millionaires or billionaires still need to work.

Perhaps we are spoilt by these images from the TVs, where this guy just travel and travel and could live by without any money; or this Kung Fu master from ancient China who just know how to fight and still have money to spend. There isn’t an ideal where there is all fun and no work; all the joy without the pain. Is is not that work is all pain, just the adventure sounds sweeter.

So I could still have an adventure if I want it bad enough and I still need to do my work so that I could have a place to stay and feed myself. Would I be happier if I work as a waiter or farmer while travelling? If I can choose, I would prefer travelling and occasionally work for fun.

Just have to remember my desire for an adventure and plan something about it. I once told myself I would have an adventure of my life before I am 30, which is exactly one more year to go. I did visit Annapurna and Chiang Mai, climb Mount Semeru and Mount Kinabalu and did a few trips around Malaysia’s mountain. I am getting closer, perhaps I need determination to really fulfill my dream for at least one time, so that I could have story to tell when I am old and smiling with no regrets. I don't need to travel for years and bump around (perhaps when I retire), but I sure could enjoy travelling for months :)

PS: Added 2009 New Year Resolution -> Backpack Travelling for at least 1 Month, Hopefully 3

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