Sunday, March 28, 2010

I always get something from trying

I went to TEDx Kuala Lumpur last weekend with the intention of learning something, and also trying to pickup some networking skill (I thought I needed some improvement due to the nature of my work).

After a few networking attempts, I do manage to get 3 business cards which doesn’t quite relate to my line of work. It’s proven again I suck at networking or socializing with stranger; I thought I had improved, but not quite. I spent hours of free time eating, drinking, looking around and wondering what to do next. It’s just uncomfortable and proven not quite my thing, again.

I observe people who are just like my, standing or walking alone with no friends around (it’s not a pleasant sight, and I happens to fall into this category). There will be people who always stick with their friends; and the voice of networking-pro and socialites fill the room as usual; as always, with one or two geeky person who really blend well with others.

Though I fail at my networking, but I don’t think I felt TEDx empty handed. Besides the quite alright speakers and topics, I do realize something: no matter how good I think I am, I am not visible within the local scene (not as good yet). MMW Food could be the top restaurant website in Malaysia, but still many didn’t realize its existence (a handful could have stumble upon it, but its presence or brand name is not felt). Meaning I haven’t made a strong impact as one of the more prominent Malaysia websites.

I tried to compiled is list of prominent websites about Malaysia, and probably ranked at the 24th place, and the top ten spot have at least 500,000 visitors per month. If I wanted to make an impact, I would need to be at least 5 times better than current state before people would recognize

I am a believer most of the things are worth trying, as we always get something in return though we would probably fail trying (I mean my networking attempt). Thus, I need to keep exploring new things, be brave, never give up (in fact, all of us should try more often than escape) and try to pick up a few things in between. Life just need a bit more perseverance.

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