Saturday, March 13, 2010

Why are we always so busy?

I still remember the weekends where I am always free and stay at home, and wondering why others are so busy and what are they up to. Perhaps I don’t have much social life, but my schedules are much easier to manage and predict then.

There are some friends in our life who are forever busy with something else, thus we shall not be able to get hold of them for any kind of activity. In the end, we might just give up on them and never bother again.

Due to this “busy-ness”, it makes group activity organizing very tedious and painful. A lot wouldn’t bother to join, and a handful would not make it at the last minute. Perhaps a lot of the married ones (with children) need to spent a lot of time with the family, and running family chores. At the end, we all shall have less time for friendship, and friendship is only within memory with no maintenance (it is happening, and it will happen). There is always something else better to do, but I am not quite sure what it is. Maybe sometimes we are just lazy and prefer not to do anything.

The same “busy-ness” is starting to be applied to me slowly. My schedule is getting less predictable, and there seems to be something on every weekend. But I always wonder what I did during the weekends. I seem to spend a lot less time on camping or even movies, and I vaguely remembering attending some social events like makan-makan and running some errands. Wedding preparations seems to take up some time, or did I just loiter lazily at home?

The problem is, I seem to be busy but I am not quite sure for what reasons. Why I can’t felt “free” anymore or the real “busy-ness” is actually the many things in our mind. There seems like a lot to be done, and yet we haven’t finished it yet. House to be furbished, Wedding to be prepared, Projects to be completed, Dreams to be accomplished, and many more.

I am busy because there are many things on my mind. I am busy because my life involved more people than it used to be. I am busy because I want to escape the “busy-ness".

This is just pure madness.

Why are we always so busy? We finish 1 thing and start 2 others. Life never seems to slow down so remember to push snooze now and then.

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