Sunday, March 28, 2010

Why you should support Obama

Obama is someone almost like our MCA ex-president Ong Tee Keat, who try to fight for justice, truth and what’s really good for the people and country (or at least it seems so); the difference is Obama could be more charismatic in getting more political support (and try not getting pushed down while doing good) to make sure all the goodness spoken of is done. It’s not an easy thing to convince the mostly selfish congressman to do something really good for the country; as it also means less money in their wallet. Obama need powerful persuasion and charisma to pull that off; giving these guys even more money will just make it worst. It the time of despair, we need to awaken the conscious (which we believe it doesn’t exist within politicians) of people while there is still time, else we shall all perish.

I am talking about US Health Reform, something that is more critical and difficult to accomplish than our PKFZ scandal. Based on Micheal Moore’s Sicko documentary, US health care is in dire state. There is not such thing as free or low cost government hospital in US (because government hospital or so-called socialized medicine is an evil communism plan). When poor people with no insurance who gotten sick is admitted into the hospital, they shall be sent out from the backdoor; insurance company try not to approve medical claims as more rejection means more profit; US citizen is fleeing to Canada and pretend to be Canadian to get free medical care; US slip to position 37 in world healthcare ranking, one step above Slovenia; the mortality rate is very high with people dying around age of 70.

Why change is so difficult? The entire Healthcare Insurance industry had gotten too rich over the years, and they are buying over the support of congressman. If a congressman vote for the US Health Reform, he would loose his handsome pay. Hilary Clinton once tries to fight for US Health Reform, but she was silenced and bought over (turning to the dark side).

Obama would probably loose a lot of financial and political support for pushing through the US Health Reform (a vote of 219-216). Rich people don’t like the reform as they will have to subsidised the healthcare for the poor. We should look at things at a higher level, or on a humanity basis. If US citizen enjoys better health, it would make happier people which could eventually means bigger consumer market (and workforce) and better economic growth. Besides, the government are polling collective resources to help the your needy countrymen.

Sometimes, no matter how hard it may seem, we just need to do the right things to ensure a better tomorrow (and to stop things from getting worst). In Malaysia, we too need a selfless and charismatic leader to push for a reform.

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