Saturday, March 27, 2010

What's wrong with DELL?

It seems like I’m in the roll of complaining about corporation ways of doing business lately, starting with AirAsia, Maxis and now DELL Malaysia.

Personally, I like DELL because if offers good value for money and it allows some level of customization to their hardware.

Lately, Mei Ru bought a CPU (the box, not just the chip) and a monitor (a separate item on promotion) in a single transaction. Somehow, the goods come in 2 separate deliveries at 2 separate days. I’m sure this will increase their cost, and not to mentioned the unnecessary extra carbon footprint. This is not an obscure case, but definitely the norm. I try to order 2 different model of computers in a single transaction a few months ago, and they come at different delivery at different day as well. Not only it’s neither cost-effective nor carbon-efficient, they are causing inconvenience and wasting my time to allocate resources to wait for the box to arrive and collect it.

This is just plan weird, or too much bureaucracy going on that no one bother about saving cost anymore (besides doing retrenchment). First of all, the goods did arrive within 5 days after order being placed (efficient, with no issue of long waiting time), and each delivery is separated only by 1 day. There is no reason why they can’t wait for another day and deliver it together. It could be a stocking or delivery arrangement's limitation, but there is definitely something not right about this.

Another minor issue is Dell’s customization options are really limited nowadays. Most of the time, you can’t customize the CPU and graphics card, and with limited option available for RAM and HD space.

DELL had lost their number 1 spot to HP and Acer, another great company with sound business model going down to waste due to bureaucracy.

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