Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Maxis Corporate Promotion Problem

Not that long ago, I tried to apply for the Maxis Family Plan to include my father as the sub line. But I was told at one of the service center that I can’t do that because I am marked as a corporate account (though I first registered for the line as personal many many years ago). I suspect it got something to do with the corporate promotion I take up in my previous company many years ago, but I had since switch to another package (nothing to do with corporate). Again, I was told to go to KLCC as that is the only place I can apply to being “unmarked” as corporate.

After many months, I finally got a chance to drop by Maxis center in KLCC. I was told I cannot “unmarked” from corporate unless I got a letter from my ex-company. WTF! The phone line is mine, and I no longer work there and neither do I use the previous corporate plan anymore. Why do I have to ask my ex-company on something regarding MY PERSONAL phone line!!! It turns out my ex-company sort of own or “take over” my phone line when I signup for the corporate plan (which I am told nothing of this nature at that point of time). Though my name is still there, but my I/C number is wiped out and the backdoor owner is my ex-company.

After showing my dissatisfaction and raising my voice slightly, the guy said he could help me solve this problem with some kind of re-registration again. Good. At the end, I was told to pay RM 50 for advance payment (I’m fine with this unreasonable inconvenience), and another RM 50 for registration. WTF! I have to pay another RM 50 to claim back my line (which I probably had paid when I first registered my line). I was thinking perhaps it would be better and cheaper just moving to another Telco like Digi or something. Then again, I am too lazy to shop around and just want to get things done.

This got me thinking. If I owe Maxis money for my phone line, will they chase after me or my ex-company? If they are going to chase me for money, why do I need to get my ex-company’s approval to unmarked as corporate? For god’s sake, it’s MY phone line. Again, this is another corporation and procedure bullshit, which defy logical thinking and reasonability. Why so many large corporations have to screw up in big and small ways, or did they intentionally do so just to squeeze more money out of us.

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