Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Inevitable Facebook

I never quite like the idea of social network in the sense I never think they will really work (who in their right mind would use the Internet to interact with friends all the time). MySpace and Friendster didn’t quite work, why would Facebook be an exception?

I was sceptical of Facebook’s massive "linking" and sacrificing "privacy" (telling all your friends about what you do, including things which you don’t want them to know). Don’t be surprise it will be able to update what songs are you listening, what video you are watching, and even what things had you bought online. Imagine I was watching pornography and my status was updated to everyone I know, oh my gosh. Another thing which worry me is the lack of separation from my private and professional facebook indentity, which could affect each other quite a lot.

Then again, it seems like Facebook did really make it after all. Most of my friends are on Facebook nowadays, thus they seldom update their blogs or multiply anymore. If I am not connected to them on Facebook, it is a bit hard for me to get the updates. So it seems like Facebook is the de facto standard in getting connected with friends online. It is a success because every tom, dick and harry (IT savvy and non-savvy) is on Facebook; and I am on it now as well though I try to prolong the assimilation process.

Besides personal reasons, social media had been an inevitable tools for online business as well. Practically a blog, Twitter and Facebook are standard online marketing tools for any online business, so Malaysia Most Wanted needs to do its part to stay connected.

I was a bit worry about mixing of personal profile and business entity in Facebook (imagine my clients seeing a photo of me doing some crazy stuff), as both images just didn’t mix well. Luckily there is an obvious separation of Facebook Profile (which must be a human) and Facebook Fan Page (which could be any entity). Updates which happen in Profile page will have no effect on the Fan Page, which is just what I need.

So Malaysia Most Wanted is finally on Facebook, and so am I.

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