Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Passion is almost like Love, elusive yet in great demand. What is passion exactly? Perhaps something we really like, and will continue to do so out of our heart. No one need to command us to it, neither do we need to get paid, and we certainly would sacrifice time and sleep for it.

If I were to ask most people what is their passion, 9 out of 10 would have no idea. We walk the Earth without realizing what we would like or love to do; most of us walk this Earth in the name of survival.

How do we find our passion? I enjoy the moment of waking up about 8 plus, have time for breakfast and newspaper and only start work when I am ready for it. That is an enjoyable lifestyle, but not really about passion. How about things which keep me going and to look forward the next morning, something which could wake me up and chase the passion. How about things which could keep as awake, keep the adrenaline pumping and feeling of not quitting until I achieve what I wanted. It sounds like love, finding the love of our life, which might be a human, or might not be.

Is there one passion, or there are many passions? I enjoy hiking, software design & development, and probably dancing, art, writing and travelling as well. So which is my passion and which is not. Or perhaps the more relevant question is how would I like to spend my time wondering on Earth? What would I like to spend time doing most of the time which actually made me feel more fulfilled and happy? Is passion and hobby the same? (or passion is one notch higher than hobby).

We could not fulfill our dream yet most of the time, which is a good thing as there is still something to look forward to. I would like to achieve it one day, thus I am in the never ending process of trying. Once I realize I had achieved it, it’s like “game over” with a sudden happiness and let down at the same time. Most of the time, I will need to move on to another dream. If this is applied to the girls we meet in our life, we would be in big trouble.

Most of the time, if we can take money out of the equation, perhaps it is easier to explore and find out what are we passionate about. Money is only meaningful knowing what we can use with the money; absolute power is useless unless we know what to gain with the power. So money and power is just a means, not the end. Perhaps the process of making money or gaining power could be rewarding, but I don’t quite felt so most of the time. Nowadays, I decide to shun away from money which I have no interest of. Basically, it is painful to work for money just for money (as long as I still have a choice).

So Passion, Love, Dream, how are they interconnected? Perhaps it is all about something which makes our existent more fulfilled, given the limited time we have on Earth.

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